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The men of Aventinus were manual laborers. Hard work shaped their muscular bodies and made them perpetually horny. On Aventinus gay sex was the most wanted commodity. The massive cocks of aventine gay hentai men were in great demand among the lewd romans and the gathered on a Aventinus in hot pursuit of gay sex.The perfumes men found in in the strong arms of a stonecutter or a burly stevedore of testaccio. Their hentai bodies were filled with potent cum as virile men repeatedly raped them in the dark shadows of Aventinus. Sex is an obsession to the Aventine gay men and Priapus was their lord. They never passed us without stopping to watch while We made love. It gave them a long lasting and rock hard erection.
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Lykurgos had no intention to wait. He knew that there was a hermaphrodite in Diana´s temple and He bribed the priestess to allow the hermaphrodite visit saturnalia feast in His villa. Lykurgos had a sumptuous villa on the oppian with his friends. He had decided to have the hermaphrodite wedded in there.
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The beautiful boys of Satyros were used to have gay sex with men and their touches made the severe knights crazy. After the feast of Priapus they tried to forget that anything unusual had happened, but the boys would not let them. Their bare bodies and unashamed sexuality kept the knights very aware of their big throbbing cocks. When Roger of montfort took His horse to the beach He lifted the stable boy in front of Him. His smooth butt stroked Roger´s inflamed cock and before they reached the beach He had stripped off all His clothes. The boy heaved as Roger forced His big fat cock inside Him and while they were riding to the beach Roger shot His load.
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I had not forgotten Giton. Amidst all that fervent fucking I was looking for the boy who had lighted my fire. I became confident about my sexual prowess while I fucked Chrysos. The way He moaned when my rock hard cock penetrated Him made me wild and I was sure that Giton would enjoy my big cock too, but then I saw Him in the arms of a big brute and I could only watch how He fucked my dream. Sitting on His lap Giton leaned back and His precious pink bud was full of beefy cock. The hirsute man made fierce attacks on Giton´s cavity, but He moved graciously even under the most bestial assaults. I was falling deeper and deeper in love with Him.

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